CTIS Department was founded in 1994 under the School of Applied Technology and Management. The department offers a 4-year Information Systems program leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree.

Computer and Information Systems Technology courses comprise two-thirds of the program. The number of students in classrooms is about 20 students making it ideal for instructors to work closely with each student.

The objective of CTIS Department with its associated comprehensive 4-year curriculum is to provide the following competence and qualifications to its graduates so that they can become professionals who:

  • Understand a number of leading-edge computer and information technologies and know how to use them to create computer applications that provide competitive advantages for their users.
  • Conceptualize problems, define user requirements, and design functional and adaptable computer-based systems to meet those requirements.
  • Identify the critical role of database and data communications in computer applications and design and implement systems to exploit that technology.
  • Apply the best wired and wireless networking technologies to design, install, and maintain to create network solutions.
  • Understand the technical, structural, and organizational relationships that support the Internet and its impact in global information and commerce applications.
  • Know the fundamental business and management concepts such as finance, accounting, economics, and marketing.
  • Recognize business organizational structures, functions, and relationships so that they can interrelate effectively with both senior management and operational users of computer services.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with both technical and non-technical people.

Our mission is

  • to prepare our students for a promising career in this dynamic and fast developing field,
  • to bring them up as individuals, competing in technical respects, having high self confidence, apting to team work, and being experts in human relations

by providing high level education in the fields of information and communication technologies with the help of our qualified teaching staff, who have strong academic background as well as industrial experience; and in this direction, always try to keep our curriculum upto date, modern and dynamic.

Our vision is

to make CTIS Department, the leader of the European four-year education programmes which bring in individuals to the software industry by means of their predominantly applied education.

Our values are

  • information system curriculum based on world-wide standards,
  • internship programme summing up to 6 months,
  • educational resources,
  • annually increasing student population,
  • esteemed success of our graduates,
  • being a department of Bilkent University.