Seeking Interns?

These pages will serve for both companies and CTIS interns, for summer and spring internships. CTIS Intern Resource Management System is being developed for this purpose, i.e.

  • establishments will request interns by feeding in information like quota, period and requirements like skills and qualifications,
  • students will apply to these quotas if eligible,
  • CTIS internship committee will regulate the whole process.

Internship Programs

The main purpose of the internships, which make up a significant part of our program, is to prepare our students for the work life when they graduate.

Our students have to complete two internships - which can also be abroad - during their education. The first one is the summer internship, which should be done in the summer after the second year of education. The minimum length of the summer internship is 20 workdays. The second one is the "industry internship" program, which is pioneered by Bilkent University CTIS department in our country. This internship covers the whole of the second (spring) semester of the third year.

During their summer and industry internships, CTIS students work at reputable institutions and they:

  • get to know the IT industry as an insider,
  • gain real life work experience before graduation,
  • apply what they have learned at school in the work life,
  • observe new trends in their fields,
  • and take their first steps for a successful career.

Some of our students receive offers to continue as part-time employees after finishing their internships, because of their impressive performance during the internship. As a result, almost half of our students secure employment even before graduation.

The list of leading public and private institutions that we regularly send interns to include: Aselsan, Aydin Yazilim, CyberSoft, Digitürk, Emekli Sandigi, Garanti Teknoloji, IBM Türk, Koç Sistem, Havelsan, Havelsan-Ehsim, Meteksan Sistem, Microsoft, Siemens, Milsoft, TPAO, TRT, Tübitak, Turkcell, Türk Telekom, and Vakıfbank.

Pre-Graduation Job Offers

Most of our students who have completed a successful industry internship in the second half of the third year receive one of the following offers from the institutions where they did their internships:

  • the opportunity to extend their internships until the last year,
  • a part-time job offer during their last year,
  • a job offer for when they graduate.