CTIS Mentorship Program

The purpose of the CTIS mentorship program is to connect CTIS students with CTIS graduates to share collective insight and wisdom with each other.

The CTIS Mentorship program was designed with the aim to provide second and third year CTIS students with the opportunity to have a CTIS Graduate to be their mentor. The CTIS Mentorship program was introduced in its current format in 2021 and currently is being managed by the CTIS Alumni Committee.

What is the CTIS Mentorship Program?

CTIS Mentorship is a guidance system in which one CTIS graduate (the mentor) imparts her/his knowledge, skills and experiences to a current CTIS student (the mentee). The goal of CTIS mentorship is to help CTIS mentees gain skills and information that will help them succeed in their careers. Mentors are available to offer and serve as a resource to the mentee whenever a need may arise.

Within the context of CTIS Mentorship program, mentoring is more than just sharing knowledge. CTIS mentors helps mentees identify their own goals and offer empowerment and encouragement to guide them in achieving their goals or solving problems along the way. CTIS Mentors are not meant to dictate how to do something, but rather to offer insight and support as their mentees develop their own ways along their career path.

Who can be a CTIS Mentee?

Any CTIS student who has successfully completed CTIS151, CTIS152 and CTIS 165 courses and has NOT yet successfully completed CTIS310 course MAY apply to be a CTIS Mentee. The CTIS Mentorship program guarantees that any CTIS student who applies to be a CTIS mentee will be assigned a CTIS Mentor.

What does a CTIS Mentee gain?

CTIS Mentees will greatly benefit from the advice and experiences of graduates that have already passed the same CTIS path with them and are currently enriching their knowledge and experiences with their careers, both in industry and academia.

Who can be a CTIS Mentor?

Any CTIS graduate may apply to be a CTIS Mentor, yet the program does not guarantee that every mentor will be assigned a mentee. A CTIS Mentor who has failed to fulfill their responsibilities as a mentor will be removed from the mentor pool and will not be eligible to be a CTIS Mentor in the future.

What does a CTIS Mentor gain?

The CTIS Mentorship program it is yet another way for graduates to give back to the department CTIS by volunteering as mentors.